Accessibility Lunch N Learn

Welcome to our Accessibility LNL (Lunch and Learn) service! This program is designed to educate and inform individuals and organizations about the importance of accessibility in the digital space. We believe that everyone should be able to access and use technology, regardless of their abilities. Through our LNL service, we offer workshops, training sessions, and presentations to help make the digital world more accessible. Join us and learn how to make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

RJ and James at Mount Union University for a Lunch N Learn

Why Have An Accessibility Event? 

Making your digital content accessible can seem like a daunting task, but taking the first step can make a world of difference for people with disabilities. Remember that accessibility is not only a legal requirement or just a “good idea”. By making your content accessible, you are opening up a world of possibilities for millions of people who would otherwise be excluded. Take the first step today and join us in making the digital world a better place for all.

James Delivering a Lunch N Learn Session

Our Lunch N Learns Cover The Following Topics

  • Intro to accessibility
  • Why is accessibility important
  • Disability categories and statistics
  • Quick wins to become more accessible today
  • The laws and regulations in the accessibility space
  • WCAG explained and broken down
  • Benefits of being accessible
  • How to build with accessibility in mind
50+ people sitting in attendance at an Apex Accessibility Lunch N Learn

130+ people

Trained in Accessibility

5+ Events

Successfully Delivered!

RJ Holliday, CPACC

A Word From RJ Holliday

“The Accessibility Lunch N Learns are a great time for everyone involved! We aim to create an open and relaxed enviornment for everyone to explore accessibility in whatever way they would like. 


It is always exciting to see which ways people find to build accessibility into their daily responsibilities to create a more accessible experience for everyone!”

– RJ Holliday 

Ready To Book A Lunch N Learn?

Plan Your Acessibility Lunch N Learn With A Specialist

James Warnken, CPACC

We will assist with every part of the planning process from deciding who to invite, when to hold it, and what topics should be covered. 

Even if your teams are well-versed in accessibility, a quick refresher is always beneficial! 

We tailor each event to the audience and where they are at within their accessibility journey, from beginner and introduction to experts and complex topics.