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Do you have a new product or service that you’re trying to launch? Maybe you’ve done everything you can think of to make your Google Ads perform better, and nothing is working. Apex has in-house paid specialists that are cross-trained in paid advertising and marketing strategy. 

From creative ad ideas to tactical budget optimization – Apex has you covered.

Delivering Results In Any Industry

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 Awareness Focused Advertising:

On average, it takes a person seeing your brand 3 to 5 times before the name really starts to stick, especially if they’ve never heard of you before. One of the biggest mistakes we often see is a company jumping to try and get sales from an audience that they haven’t even introduced themselves to yet. Think of these advertising campaigns as a digital billboard that follows your customers around on their phones rather than just being stuck on the side of a highway. 

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Conversion Focused Advertising:

Once you’ve been purposeful about showcasing your brand to an audience, and you’re confident that they know who you are – it’s time to start running conversion focused campaigns. Conversion focused just means that instead of spending money every time someone “sees” your ad, we only spend money when someone clicks, subscribes, or purchases. Sometimes these ads can cost a little more, but it’s generally because their goal is to acquire new customers – not just get them interested.

The Apex Ads team, James and Logan

Advertising is a delicate balance between awareness and conversion. Knowing what creative solutions should be used, where to allocate budget, and when to change graphics are all key parts of your advertising success that the Apex team would assist in monitoring and executing on. Our ads specialists check in on your ads accounts multiple times per week to make sure that every penny being spent on bringing in new customers, is being spent effectively. 

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