Competitive Analysis

We give crucial insights for your business using your direct local and online competitors data.

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What is a Competitive Analysis?

The marketing world changes fast. Some days it seems like Instagram is really the place to be, and then all of a sudden everyone is shouting “Google Ads” from the rooftops. A competitive analysis is meant to help you understand what  your competitors are doing to keep up with the times.

That way we can help you find practical ways to stay one step ahead.

Use Data-Backed Insights To Outperform The Competition

It can be very difficult to make decisions on where your company should be going. At Apex, we use real world data to give priceless insights on how to outperform your competition.

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What Can You Do With a Competitive Analysis?

Discover what media types and messaging strategies drive user engagements that lead to the highest return on investment.

Explore new audience segments you might be missing out on.

Determine if paid advertising is effective in your local market and industry across the board.

Understanding Our Process

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Trend & Traffic Analysis.

Trend and traffic analysis is a key part of a competitive analysis. It shows what your competitors in your field of business are doing to stay on top. It also gives insight to the mind of your customers, and how you can appeal to different demographics.

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Pattern Detection & Real-Time Data Solutions.

When you get a competitive analysis done, you get real time data solutions and strategies. This means you can be assured you will not be using an old strategy or trend that is not as effective as what your competitors are doing to retain their customers.

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Explore The Results With An Apex Partner.

Once the report is complete, schedule your complimentary 1-hour session with an Apex partner to explore the results and define the best course of action moving forward.

Take the market by storm when you implement strategies and tactics before anyone else does!

Get Started with Apex.

Contact us to start your competitive analysis before the holiday season arrives, so you can get ahead of your competitors.