Apex Heritage

Where It All Began


Jan Almasy Speech – April 2018

The Apex Podcast was launched!

Jan Almasy interviewing a guest on one of the first podcast episodes.


Getting a co-host – January 2019

Co-host and co-founder, RJ Holliday with headphones on and protein powder in front of him on the table.

Assisted in the official launch of Envision Clothing Company – January 2019 

Mike Eversole, founder of Envision Clothing Company on the podcast sharing about his new business.

Apex Communications Network officially becomes a business – October 2019

The original Apex studio where all things business and podcast happened.

Startup Bootcamp through Jumpstart of Northeast Ohio

Selfie of Jan Almasy with the other members of the startup bootcamp.


Podcast studio was shut down – March 2020

The Apex Podcast and business studio before it was shut down during the pandemic.

Hired James Warnken – September 2020

James Warnken photographing products to announce a newly formed partnership between Ripple and Envision Clothing Company.
  • Pivoted to All Remote Work Model
  • Began offering services around SEO and Web Dev 
  • Created Community Groups to bring awareness and nationwide protests


Hired Logan Syrios as Digital Marketing Specialist – June 2021

Professional headshot of Logan Syrios.

Combined our experience in storytelling with data analytics to help companies turn better ROI.

Jan Almasy holding a phone with the words innovation on the screen.


Worked with companies across 9 countries to optimize marketing spend

Jan Almasy interviewing a guest from Belgium.

Became passionate about Digital Accessibility, and building an accessible digital future

James, Raechel, and Mike Hess at the BIT Gala in Atlanta.

Created Digital Accessibility Training Program for State of Colorado in partnership with Blind Institute of Technology

A11y apprenticeship program overview infographic.


The best is yet to come…

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